snow drifts

The main road between Lanark and Cartland.

The beast from the East.

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utter sadness

I set out after lunch with a full belly and a warm jacket on, to photograph the snow drifts.

A mile or so from my house, I happened upon this beautiful little creature. A delicate trail of footprints led from the adjacent wood to its now dead body.

I followed the tracks back, clear as day, to where she had her last meal. The moss had been stripped from half a dozen tree bases.

The prints were that of a pitiful, cold, alone, starving creature – walking in a meander down the slope to an old farm track.

She manged to clear the nearby fence, before finally lying down peacefully on her side to die. There was no struggle.

I ate half the apple that I carried with me, then laid the rest down in a little clearing in the snow nearby.

If I had been here yesterday and did the same, maybe I could have saved her long enough for her to find shelter or more food. It was probably the cold.

Time and place.

I hope you are in a better place now little one. Maybe I’ll see you in your full grown-up majesty in the next life.

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Woodland snowdrops.

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clydesholm bridge

Clydesholm bridge, Kirkfieldbank.

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Borestane – A70 to Carlops

A winter walk from the A70, across the Borestane saddle to Carlops.

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